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Our Services 

As well as producing in-house designs for our British clothing brands Cedar, Portmann and Vander, we also provide a professional private/white label service. Depending on your requirement, this can be provided on a CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) or Fully Factored basis. 
Which of these would work best for you? 
Cut. Make. Trim. 
Our cut, make and trim service provides you with a reliable, consistent supply of clothing, exactly in line with the patterns you supply to us. 
Because we make and source everything in the UK, we don't have to deal with shipment delays or some of the other issues faced by companies who outsource their production overseas. 
We know you need consistency, which is why we only procure fabrics from our established, trusted suppliers. 
Attention to detail is paramount. That's why we prefer to have our clothing factory here in Birmingham, staffed by people who care just as much as we do about providing you with the same high quality work - each and every time. 
Fully factored: from concept to reality 
When it comes to sourcing a fully factored clothing service, there are three questions you really need to ask of any supplier: 
Do they have experience of making the type of garments you require? 
Can they bring your concepts to life in a way that reflects the distinctive style of your brand? 
Are they able to supply in the quality, quantity and timescales to suit your market? 
Fully factored garment supply 
the SB way 
The SB team has the ability to produce outerwear garments – including hats – from any material and in any style, be it traditional or modern. 
Whether the clothes you require are to be functional, fashionable or a combination of both, we can make them. 
When you work with us on fully factored projects, it's a collaborative process. Your ideas and your requirements are what count. We never forget that ultimately these are your products, not ours. 
Are you interested in finding out more about our Cut, Make & Trim or Fully Factored services?  
We're always interested in new projects, new designs and new partnerships. Please contact us and we can talk further. 
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